The key to booking with Connie Raley & Chris Lyn is the unique experience you get with having TWO professional photographers available! That's two professionals to care for and make sure your newborn is safe at all times.  As a client, you'll get two different perspectives and two different posing and editing styles to choose from!  10 professionally edited photos from each photographer. Print release and an option to buy more poses for an additional 10.00 per photo. Book today and find out how to become part of an exclusive list of clients who get Beautiful and Precious memories that last a lifetime! 


Newborn  (3-14 days)          $250.00

Newborn (3-4 weels)           $300.00          

Newborn (5weeks +)           $350.00

Twins  50.00 added on to each age group                                

Milestone Moments 3m,6m,9m   $350.00

Cake Smash 12m                            $250.00

Toddlers 10 image mini                  $125.00

Toddlers  (25 image)                       $250.00                                           

6x6 Layflat book (20 photos)         $80.00

About Chris Lyn Photography

I choose Chris Lyn because being safe with a newborn is the most importance part so I knew I needed someone with me  at all times.

Chris Lyn is an amazing photographer and we have similar styles but most of all because she is a lot like myself.  We love people are honest and kind. She treats people like they should be treated and a lot of fun.  

Chris Lyn and I specialize in the following areas, except for special requests

Newborn Experience :  Connie Raley & Chris Lyn

 Connie Raley : Maternity, Newborn Experience, 3m

 Chris Lyn  : Newborn Experience, 6m, 9m,  Cale Smash, 12 + mos